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Virginia Beach Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Learn how to feel your best every day, at every age with Bio Identical Hormone Replacement. RejuvinAge offers exclusive hormone replacement programs for women and specializes in Testosterone replacement for men. Since 2001, our complete and comprehensive programs have been recognized for their excellence in hormone replacement therapy.


RejuvinAge is a unique hormone replacement practice.  Every program is customized, there is no one size fits all. Every program is physician managed, your appointment is always with our bioidentical hormone replacement doctor. Every program offers personalized care, we recognize the importance of one on one attention. Every program is hormone replacement done right.


The RejuvinAge Staff is handpicked and specially trained in hormone replacement. They share Dr. Jennifer Krup’s commitment to helping patients feel their best every day, at every age. Dr. Krup and her staff pride themselves on their knowledge and insight into Bio Identical Hormone Replacement.  At RejuvinAge, we are confident our Virginia Beach Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and menopause doctor is second to none.


Our practice is elective and we do not take the place of your physician. Our female and male programs are designed to provide a thorough evaluation and treatment plan for optimal hormone balance. Restoring hormone balance and helping the body heal from the inside out takes time, patience, compliance, good communication and a close partnership between our patients and our staff.  While it is an individual journey, we embark on it with every patient to ensure we help you feel your best every day.

RejuvinAge is conveniently located in Virginia Beach.  Our exclusive center is easily accessible to the surrounding cities of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg and beyond!  We are a premier East Coast hormone replacement center with a patient base extending throughout the 50 states.


Prior to making your appointment in our Virginia Beach Hormone Replacement Center, please download a Female Program Packet or Male Program Packet.  The RejuvinAge Program Packet provides a complete and comprehensive overview of our hormone replacement programs.